The Truth about Cancer – 6 facts you need to know

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Do you want to liberate yourself from the cancer industry &/or reduce your risk of developing cancer? Yes, there are already effective cures for cancer, and ways to prevent it. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to empower yourself or a loved one, here are some important factors to consider, and why engaging in the so-called fight against cancer is not the answer.

I was inspired to write this since I’ve been watching a Showtime series called ‘The Big C’ with Laura Linney, which I’ve been really enjoying – with one exception – I’m not enjoying the message about cancer which is generally conveyed by the show.

Laura Linney plays Cathy who’s been diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma. She’s desperate to get into any cancer trial which will accept her but continues to live a life full of stress, anger, alcohol, chocolate/sugar and chemicals.

The message is that in order to survive cancer she must be brave, strong, tough & even a bitch at times, because she’s a fighter! And she must play the game of the doctors, specialists, and their drugs.

So what’s wrong with this picture, you might ask?

Well first of all Cathy believes she’s an innocent victim, and was just unlucky enough to ‘get cancer’, and that perhaps if she’d just worn sunscreen 20 years ago then this wouldn’t be happening to her.

What’s wrong with that? Well none of us are actually just random victims to any disease actually. Nor is skin cancer purely the result of not wearing chemical-laden sunscreen.

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Every chronic disease is the result of YEARS of toxic exposure, inflammatory processes and poor dietary choices such as high sugar.

I believe that there’s an underlying cause, deeper than this, which comes from the soul. Unresolved and deeply buried rage and resentment create a weakness in the spirit body/energy system, in particular areas/organs/systems of the body, depending on the what the specific unresolved emotions are.

This creates a weakness in these areas physically which makes us more susceptible to inflammation, low-grade infection such as fungus and reduced ability for that tissue area to flush out toxicity and take up oxygen.

So the layers begin to form, until eventually the tissue becomes degenerative and cellular change begins.

Right now, due to poor lifestyle habits, poor diet, lack of information, the medical community’s refusal to embrace holistic therapies, and the detrimental effects of conventional cancer treatment… 35% of those who develop cancer don’t survive the disease.

So here are the 6 facts and important points to consider:


  1. Toxins would have to be the number 1 place to start!

Go through this checklist and eliminate all sources from your life today!

Pesticides, insecticides & herbicides are designed to destroy the mitochondria – the essential life-bringing element to every cell. They destroy life.

Buy organic, chemical-free produce or use neutralizer to soak your fruit, veggies & nuts.

Heavy metals are in vaccinations, cookware, cosmetics, amalgam fillings, cigarette smoke and conventional cleaning products. Create a toxin-free household!

Fluoride – minimise your exposure to this toxic chemical by investing in a whole-house filtration system.

Food additives & preservatives – any processed food will contain these to a degree – eat real food! Start by eliminating these toxic foods.

Electronic smog & electromagnetic radiation – learn more about this and how to protect you and your family here.

Pharmaceuticals – one of the biggest sources of toxicity on the planet today. There is not a single pharmaceutical drug that is not toxic to the human body.

Nitrates are chemical additives used in processed meats to preserve them and add flavor. Preparation with high heat and ingestion causes a chemical reaction with the digestive fluids in your body, converting nitrates to nitrites, which is a known carcinogen.

Nitrates also filter into groundwater from the use of fertilizer, so be sure to filter your drinking water.

Endocrine-disrupting chemicals including phthalates in plastics, BPA’s (bisphenol-A) in tinned food lining (buy BPA-free cans, with the exception of tomato products which you should only ever buy in glass), steroids in conventional meat products and estrogenic compounds in soy-based foods.

Aside from the accumulative toxicity affect which builds up within body tissue, all of the above will cause inflammation and oxidative stress in your body, which are additional big pieces of the cancer puzzle.


  1. Conventional treatment kills.

Treating cancer is a $200 billion dollar a year business. Chemotherapy is known to kill healthy cells as well as cancer cells, including the immune system, the very system that needs support to heal your body.

Studies have demonstrated that various cancer drugs may initially reduce tumor size but afterward cause tumors to grow aggressively – the tumors come back much stronger and grow much larger than their original size.

It’s interesting that chemotherapy had it’s origins in World War 1 & 2, since treating cancer is considered to be like ‘going to war’. Mustard gas was found to cause the destruction of fast-growing cells. In the human body, this also includes the stomach lining, immune system, bone marrow and hair follicles. Chemotherapy agents were developed based on this agent of warfare.

A team of researchers, who were looking into why cancer cells are so resilient, accidentally stumbled upon a very important discovery. They discovered that chemotherapy actually heavily damages healthy cells and subsequently triggers them to release a protein that sustains and fuels tumor growth. Beyond that, it also makes the tumor highly resistant to future treatment.

Their findings were reported in the journal Nature Medicine, stating that the findings were ‘completely unexpected’, but this would be no surprise to many.

This is part of the reason I refuse to support any type of ‘cancer cure’ charity. All you are doing is supporting an industry that has absolutely no interest in ‘finding a cure’, but only to engage you in a battle using deadly drugs that make them millions.


  1. Cancer feeds off sugar.

This is a known fact. Why do oncologists not take their patients off their often sugar-laden diets? Because they’re generally not interested in empowering them with the many things a person can do to begin their own healing process. They’re only interested in engaging them in the ‘cancer war’. A war in which no one wins except those with vested interests, not very different to a world war.


  1. The sun is good for you!

Of course, we need to exercise caution, but 30 minutes of early morning or late afternoon sun, daily is enough to get your recommended dose of vitamin D, which we need for a healthy immune system!

Conventional sunscreens are chemical barriers and full of hormone-disrupting, cancer-causing chemicals, and most block your skins ability to manufacture Vitamin D.

I believe that if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin, as it will be absorbed into your bloodstream.


  1. There are ALREADY cancer cures.

I’m not claiming to be an expert on this, but do the research yourself 😉 There are many examples of natural healing protocols that are WORKING, such as cannabis oil, baking soda, black salve, there are many more WITHOUT any of the extreme side effects of conventional treatments. Even frankincense oil has been found to kill cancer cells and boost immunity. In several studies, frankincense has demonstrated anti-cancer properties and the ability to mitigate many different kinds of cancer cells.

So why is no money being put into developing these treatments, and further studies? Generally, it’s because natural treatments are not patentable, and therefore not as profitable.


6. The ‘Genetic’ Link

Only a very small percentage of cancers (between 5-10%) have a genetic link. When the “experts” tell you most cancers are genetic, they’re not being truthful.

Most patients didn’t inherit some mysterious “cancer curse” from their parents, but the link is that immediate families tend to have the same emotional injuries and habits, eat the same foods, and are exposed to the same toxins.

Cleaning up your diet to avoid inflammatory-forming foods such as processed grains & oils, & sugar, and also detoxification is extremely important.


We need to move away from the current disease-management model and towards building a health-creation system by empowering people to be their own ‘doctors’.

Self-awareness and our food & lifestyle choices are our medicine.

And how empowering is that!

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