How to have a Toxin-Free Home, Easily!

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A Clean Health Home is easily achievable!

How to take care of your personal care, house cleaning and health support in one very pure, affordable and luxurious product.

I’ ve been using this product for around 10 years now. My partner and I use it for our personal care, house cleaning, laundry, stain removal, body alkalinizing, neutralizing of pesticides on fruit and veggies, and detoxification.

Sounds too good to be true, right?

We love it and couldn’t imagine life without it. It’s extremely economical too, and the purest product I’ve found.

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So What is it?!

Miracle 11 Soap is a complex blend of natural minerals and organics. It’s biodegradable and gentle enough to use on a new born baby, and apparently powerful enough to clean up an oil spill.

I can’t attest to that (the oil spill part), but I can share the story that sold me on the product 10 years ago.

I had a client come in with her 3-year-old daughter, so we set her up on my yoga mat on the carpet, with a few of my highlighters, (as I didn’t have any pencils handy) and some paper. We were engrossed in our consultation and I didn’t notice until later that she’d very artistically painted my cream carpet in fluorescent colors!

Well, I immediately thought of this new product I’d just bought to try which was supposed to be an amazing cleaner, (amoung other things). I put a few squirts of the foam over it, patted it in a little and left it for around 10 minutes. The stains disappeared without a trace!

Neither of us could believe it and of course, we were both hooked from then.

Miracle 11 Soap is 100% pure. The foaming agent it contains is Laurel which is organically derived from the coconut husk. It’s stabilized with a fatty acid taken from the coconut husk called Ash of Dedecyl, 100% natural and is not processed.

It is not related to the harmful SLS, or the synthetic processed form of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), which are in just about every personal care or cleaning product these days.

All ingredients are derived from Sea Water, Sea Plants, Earth Vegetables, and minerals from the Sea and Earth. Nothing else!

That beautiful green color comes from dehydrated seaweed.

I highly recommend buying the foaming bottles too – one for every sink plus showers, they’re cheap!

The foaming pump turns the M 11 soap/water mix into a creamy luxurious foam which is really nice for handwashing, showering and kids love it. They’re great quality too – I still have my original ones I bought 10 years ago!

The Miracle 11 Neutralizer neutralizes acids, chemicals and toxins, so can be used for many things – skin problems, sunburn, cleaning chemicals off fruit & veg, detoxifying and balancing pH internally.


Here are some other uses:

Showering, hair and hand washing – We use M11 Soap for body, face, hair, baby washing (and in his bath too), and we have foaming pumps at each sink for hand-washing.

If your skin is dry you can get the Moisturising M 11 Soap. I use this one in winter regardless as it keeps my skin from drying out. (This one’s not suitable for home and car cleaning though, as it has coconut oil in it.) You can add essential oils if you would like fragrance and additional properties.

Perfect for babies and children. Along with coconut oil, Miracle 11 is all we use on our 10-month-old.

It’s brilliant for baby hair & face washing as it doesn’t sting if it gets in his eyes!


A deliciously relaxing Detox: Put 1-2 caps full (25 – 50ml) of M II Soap concentrate in the bath while filling with water, and bathe in this for at least 20 minutes. You won’t want to get out!

Due to the ionic properties of the soap, it has the relaxing and rejuvenating effects of a swim in or a walk by the sea, or through a forest.

After 20 mins your skin pores have fully opened and your body will dump any unwanted toxins out into the bath water where they’ll be neutralized by the soap.

You can then pour the bath water out onto the plants; this will help balance the pH in the soil, reduce pathogens and put vital minerals into the soil.


In the Kitchen: You can wash dishes in M II Regular Soap. Use an old dish washing liquid bottle and add 1 part soap and about 10 parts water to make dish washing liquid.

For more greasy dishes like fry pans and roasting pans, use the foam from the foaming pump bottle directly onto them and then wash off in the dish water.

No more skin problems from chemical cleaners!

I also fill a 500ml spray bottle with water and add about 30ml of Miracle 11 Regular soap. Use this for spraying on bench and stove tops before wiping down,

I generally prefer to deter bugs than kill them, but apparently, you can spray on cockroaches and flies etc, and this kills them without harsh chemicals left around (the high pH and frequency destroys them).


Gardening: Put any M 11 soapy water onto the garden where possible, plus you can put 15-30 ml into a 500ml spray bottle to spray on the plant foliage to kill insects and bugs etc, for pesticide-free gardens.

Balances soil pH, reduces pests and puts minerals into the soil.


Pets: Use M II Regular Soap as a dog wash. You can leave some on their coat to kill fleas and ticks, and they’ll lick the rest off. This may also treat any parasites. I have friends who swear by this.

You can also spray the Neutralizer liquid on afterward to keep fleas and ticks at bay. Also, put the Neutralizer liquid in pets drinking water to keep them generally healthy and to counteract the toxins from any ticks etc.


Cars: Wash them in Miracle II and they’ll shine like they have been polished (I’ve found the same with wooden floorboards, and stainless steel too!).


Fruit and Vegies: We live in rural QLD where it can be tricky getting good organically grown fruit and veggies (without spending lots!).  So I fill the sink with water and add a half cap of neutralizer plus a squirt or 2 of M 11 regular soap (this will help to break down the wax coating).

Soak the fruit and vegies for 5-10 minutes.  This will neutralise the toxic chemicals in them. They also seem to last longer.


Alkalinization, Hydration, and Gentle Detox – Add a dash of Neutralizer Liquid (always start off with seven drops and build up gradually) to your drinking water to alkalinize your system and neutralize any toxins still in your digestive system.

If I know I’ve been exposed to additional toxins through the day (like painting or hair dye, or other chemicals) I add an extra ml or two of neutralizer to my water and drink regularly through the day.

This also helps the body tissues become more alkaline and makes it easier to assimilate water into the cells, leading to better hydration.

1 drop of the M 11 Regular Soap in water can treat parasites, both in humans and pets. Many people have reported this works well.


So there you have it. You could throw away most (if not all) of the toxic chemical products in your kitchen & bathroom, and replace them with this one product.

It keeps things beautifully simple!  🙂



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