The Top 10 New Mum Tips & Essentials

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I always thought I’d be one of those minimalistic mums. After all we were designed to birth and parent babies without all the gadgets weren’t we?

True, but I soon discovered that in todays modern environment there are certain things that can just make life a whole lot easier, and more comfortable, for new mums.

I had the standard list and most of the things that everyone tells you that you need, but I wish I’d known about some of these gems sooner!

  1. White noiseis essential for baby naps through the day so you don’t feel you have to create a complete cone of silence through the house, which just isn’t always possible, especially with siblings! You can buy white noise machines but I just downloaded the free app and it’s great.

Our favorites are the crickets and ocean waves 🙂


2. My Brest Friend Nursing Pillowif you’re breastfeeding, consider this as I believe they’re the best on the market. I tried the boppy, a v-pillow and all sorts of positions, before finding out about these and wow, it was such a relief. I can now completely relax both shoulders and be hands-free (as needed), and bub is comfortable and supported too.

I recommend getting a spare cover too for when you wash, which you’ll need to do lots, especially if you have a spewer!


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3. Glider with Ottoman Set – A rocker is wonderful, especially for the early days, and nowadays you can buy these ‘gliders’ which are designed especially for nursing and rocking your baby.

This has made a lovely piece in my son’s nursery and I always enjoy nursing him to sleep at night in this beautiful glider. The quality is excellent, especially for the low price. I was a little hesitant about purchasing furniture online but was pleasantly surprised. It arrived quickly and was super easy to put together. I mostly did it myself while my partner was working!

This Nursery Glider Rocker Chair is lovely too


  1. Graco Glider Elite Baby Swingwe didn’t actually use this one but I heard great things about it and if we did it all again I’d definitely use something like this as I like the sound of the convenience of being able to have the soothing rocker double as a basinet/cot.


  1. Swaddles– in the early days you’ll want to use swaddling, then graduate to sleep sacks when baby starts rolling. Even if your baby appears to want their arms free, they like the feeling of being snuggly swaddled and it stops them from waking themselves by flailing their arms which they’re prone to doing as newborns.

See What I Wish I Knew When I was Pregnant for swaddling tips and links

And How to keep your Baby Warm in Winter, Naturally for extra tips for the winter months.

And How I got my baby Napping & Sleeping Right Through the Night for sleep tips.

For some extra tips see 10 Powerful Magic Tricks Every New Mum Needs to Know


  1. Baby Carrier – finding the right one’s essential, and means the difference between getting simple chores done in the early days … or not!

I liked the look and idea of the softer slings, and they seem to work for some, but I never could get them to work for us as they didn’t seem to support Zyah well enough without kind of squishing him up, and you don’t want to do that when your baby has reflux!

We love our Baby Bjorn Carrier  (thanks Mum).

It’s super easy to put on once you’ve adjusted it to suit you and are used to the 4 clasps. Comfortable, good shoulder padding, and it really is easy to adjust while on.

No newborn insert needed, and you can use it right through. Our bub is still super comfortable in it (at 11 months) and loves being in the carrier, facing out now so he can watch and engage with what we are doing.

I have friends who have used this Ergobaby Carrier, and this is the only other carrier I’d totally recommend. Also very supportive, comfortable and no insert required. Very ergonomic design with excellent spine & hip support and weight dispersal as baby grows.

  1. Ecoriginal nappieswe’ve tried all the best sellers and love these the best by far! We wanted the convenience of a disposable nappy (who wants to spend extra time washing nappies!) without the burden of waste that goes with it.

These are 80% biodegradable (you have to pull the tags off for them to be able to go straight in your compost), and we rarely get leaks or blowouts (far less than we were getting on the commercial brands). They also offer a subscription program (if you are in Australia) with a free trial, so you don’t have to think about it or worry about running out. Great price too with the free shipping.

  1. WubbaNub Pacifier these are super handy, as they are easy for both you and baby to find, harder to get lost going flying out of the cot, and great for the car seat. Also helps baby to self-sooth as you can lie it over their chest. We only use pacifiers for sleeping so when we give our boy his ‘dummy bear’ he knows it’s time for a nap or sleep (comes in different animals 🙂 )

  1. Graco 3-in-1 High Chair/Booster Seat I did a lot of research on this and was a bit hesitant on this one as it looked a bit cheap, but we love it! It reclines back to a perfect angle to bottle-feed newborns without the tray or just to have a place to sit them while adults are eating dinner.

We have used it upright since our bub was around 4 1/2 months old and started getting right into eating solids. He self-feeds off the tray, then plays safely after a quick clean up.

I especially love how light, compact & easy it is to toss in the car for trips away, and easily & safely straps to any sturdy chair.

Once baby is old enough to sit at the table the back removes and you are left with a booster seat.

  1. Baby Bathwe found it tricky to find a plastic baby bath free of toxic BPA’s, phthalates etc, which can release into the water and be harmful to babies over time. Here’s one you can trust as it won’t leach toxins into your babies bath water, and has both a newborn support and toddler position so it’ll last up until the age of around 2 years. It’s a good size too.

Here’s a little bonus especially for breastfeeding mums… Queen Bee have a truly gorgeous maternity range, including some great nursing tops & dresses. I have been happy with every purchase, and still find my nursing tops (and 1 dress) SO useful and comfortable for breast-feeding while out and about. 


There you have it, now you’re supported with goodies that’ll make your life easier so you can relax more and enjoy being with your baby 🙂

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