SoulSeeds to Bloom!

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So here we go, a new adventure begins for me; one motivated by now being a full-time stay-home mum. As if I wasn’t kept busy enough by finishing my university degree, renovating our home, and of course our beautiful 8-month-old son Zyah … but I need an outlet for my passions again, something else I care about…

Being a first-time mum is an epic experience and not having family close by meant that I was alone and in the dark in some ways. I had worked with kids, cared for both kids and babies, changed nappies etc, and always had a natural affinity and feeling of care, nurturing and love for children; so I thought ‘Hey I’m set, this should come easy!’

But oh boy! My partner Ricky and I were both a tad naïve there, and what a ride we’ve had already.

Having had a home birth, we didn’t have the support of nurses to guide us through the first few days and the crash course of initial skills. Apart from a few caring friends, my only source of information was the internet, and I feel a huge sense of gratitude to all the mums out there who’ve shared their tips and stories, as they help in many ways, even just to know you’re not alone!

Thank goodness for the internet and the ability to research! Then, of course, you really learn the most from just trusting what feels right for you, your baby and family, trial & error, feeling & instinct.

The Mission
So now I want to be there for other mums and families who may be going through a similar journey, either preparing for parenthood or fumbling through the early days, as we did. I’ve started by writing What I wish I Knew when I was Pregnant, which contains quite a few things the nurses, and even midwives, won’t tell you ☺.

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SoulSeeds is also all about creating a conscious, ethical and beautiful life, sewing seeds of love and truth wherever possible! Any product we may endorse will be well-researched and mostly experienced by us; and where possible ethical, cruelty-free and support a conscious, clean way of living.

My other passions are conscious parenting – learning how to be the best and most loving parent I can be; clean (and delicious) conscious food – and I plan to share some awesome recipes!; family health and wellbeing – bringing my 12 years experience as a practicing naturopath (in my past life!); and spirituality.

I’m not religious, however, my relationship with our creator is important to me, so I’d like to perhaps share some inspiration with others, and some spiritual truths I may learn along the way.

There are other things I’m into, like healing & trauma release, music, dance and yoga, veggie growing and making cool things out of wood … which I plan to continue to explore, experience and share.

I hope you come along for the ride! I can guarantee there’ll be no regurgitated or filler content. I will ALWAYS put my heart & soul, and my experiences into my writing.

I feel a little daunted but also super excited by the venture ahead, and hope to meet many of you like-minded souls along the way ☺

I think it’s going to be fun!

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