The Top 10 Facts You Need to Know about Vaccinations.

Be Informed Before you Vaccinate! 10 Very Good Reasons to Reconsider Vaccination.

Yes, this is a highly controversial topic these days, and I should warn you that I have strong feelings about this topic. I make no apologies for what I’m about to write, but let me assure you that I don’t expect you to agree, nor will I judge you if you don’t 🙂

Really I’m not so much ‘anti vax’ as pro-truth, pro-information and pro-choice.

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The Invisible Poison – How is it affecting you and your family’s health?

Is this invisible and silent toxin negatively affecting the health of you and your family? 8 things you can do about it.

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The Top 10 Foods to Never Eat Again!

Do you know that your diet needs a make-over, but are not sure where to start?

Do you want to start making some positive health changes for your families health?

Do you want to work towards avoiding diabetes, heart disease, cancer and other chronic and inflammatory illnesses?

Do you want to teach your children healthy eating habits that will stay with them through their lives?

Start with removing these highly toxic foods. And yes, I do mean throw them in the bin!

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What I wish I knew when I was Pregnant

I thought we were well prepared, drawing on my naturopathic knowledge to support us physically and having had continuity of care with a very capable midwife.

There were, however, several things that in hindsight I wish I had known or been more aware of, and I’d like to list them all here to provide a bit of a detailed guide to holistically preparing your body and your life for your baby. 

I’ll also include some things which really worked for us too 🙂

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SoulSeeds to Bloom!

So here we go, a new adventure begins for me; one motivated by now being a full-time stay-home mum. As if I wasn’t kept busy enough by finishing my university degree, renovating our home, and of course our beautiful 8-month-old son Zyah … but I need an outlet for my passions again, something else I care about…

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