3 Essential Elements to Healthy Attachment Parenting

What is attachment theory and parenting, and how can we create ‘healthy attachment’ with our babies and children? The types of attachment styles and affects this will have, and the conscious parenting changes we can implement to create the foundation which will help our children to create positive relationships with themselves and others.

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How to Effectively Detox Vaccine Toxins

Maybe you choose to vaccinate your children, are aware of the toxic ingredients and want to help their bodies to deal with it, … or maybe you’ve chosen to have one yourself as a job requirement or for overseas travel?

Maybe you’ve decided to stop vaccinating and are looking for holistic ways to flush out the toxins, … or maybe you’ve found out how dangerous vaccines are too late and your child has experienced some negative effects, and you want to do what you can to help them to detox and hopefully heal.

If so read on…

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How to Create a 4th Trimester & Healthy Attachment

When your precious baby first comes into this world, it seems natural to hold them and rock them, carry them around all the time, especially if they are your first. But then your support people go back to their own lives and you start to want yours back, a little at least.

But our babies need to be on us to form a healthy attachment, don’t they? Isn’t that why they call it the 4th trimester?

What is true healthy attachment and how can I balance my needs with my babies needs?

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How to Buy Beautiful Unique Tshirts with Soulful Messages

Since SoulSeeds is all about sewing little seeds of truth, love, wisdom and connection, we thought – what better way to say it and spread the love, than with a T shirt! 

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5 things No one tells you about Natural Childbirth (our Home Birth Story)

I’ll never forget the moment our midwife handed me our baby whilst still sitting on our toilet. Yes, I delivered him on our ensuite toilet in our home, which isn’t quite aligned with that kinda romantic ideal of a home birth 🙂 but perfect none the less.

If you’re hoping for a natural birth, maybe even considering a home birth, here are some things you may like to know, contemplate or consider.

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