2 of my most Powerful Plant Magic Healing Secrets

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We all know that a plant-based diet, and using plants for healing has some fantastic benefits, but I want to share 2 things that you may NOT know about certain plants.

The best plant power magic and natural healing tips, including healing with an important sacred healing plant, and why this has become essential knowledge for health and wellness.

There’s a health crisis in the western world, due to dependency upon pharmaceuticals which don’t treat the root cause of illness. So it’s becoming increasingly more important to learn about healing the body WITHOUT the side effects and complications.

I am a huge advocate for becoming our own healers! This involves taking responsibility for our own health by investigating, researching and learning about the wonder that is your body, your mind and your soul.

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This post will focus on your physical body. So here it is, your …

Plant Magic Healing Secret number 1

Some of you may have guessed that the sacred healing plant I referred to is Cannabis sativa, and in truth, it’s not such a secret anymore 😉

The healing powers of cannabis sativa have been in the spotlight more & more.

Despite efforts to suppress the information, impressive patient trials are now out there proving the enormous benefits to cancer, MS, epilepsy, autoimmune disease, autism, altzeimers, PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and more.

These are conditions that are usually treated with expensive pharmaceuticals that have devastating side effects

Powerful plant medicine

Cannabis is one of the most versatile and potent plants & truly a gift from God. When it’s not smoked cannabis and hemp have extraordinary health benefits.

It has anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, antiviral, and antioxidant properties. These processes – inflammation, chronic infection/virus and free radical damage are underlying drivers, and part of the picture, in EVERY chronic disease known to man.

Hemp seeds (the seeds from the cannabis sativa plant) are safe and very healthy to eat and can assist with inflammatory conditions, digestive health, weight loss, heart health, are anti-cancerous and more.

They are a complete protein and rich in omega 3 & 6, including the hormone-balancing GLA.

Chia seeds are great, but hemp seeds are awesome! A nutritional star and brilliant added to green smoothies. Or grind them up and sprinkle over breakfast.

It’s actually the cannabinoids in cannabis that are responsible for their extraordinary healing properties. Cannabinoids are any chemical compound that affects the cannabinoid receptors in the brain.

If you’d like to know more about the incredible healing properties of the Cannabis sativa plant, I highly recommend this documentary – The Sacred Plant, which was released just this year and is truly the best and most informative source of information I’ve come across about cannabis.

Cannabinoids are potent! However, legality, availability, purity, cost and potency can get in the way of obtaining these benefits.

Which brings me to …


Plant Magic Healing Secret number 2

So I want to share a recent discovery with you. An oil I’m very excited about called Copaiba oil.

It’s a powerful one for the brain and nervous system, and get this – it contains cannabinoids that are legal!

Cannabinoids can also be found in a few other essential oils (like black pepper, rosemary, hops, cloves and melissa) but in much smaller amounts.

Copaiba is rich in them! It contains up to 60% cannabinoids (in some therapeutic essential oil brands).

So essentially there are 3 types of cannabinoids:
  1. CBD (Cannabidiol) – benefits include pain relief, reduces anxiety, effective against cancer, treats seizures and other neurological issues and has many more health benefits. It contains only trace amounts of THC, is legal (when purchased as medicinal CBD oil) but hard to obtain.
  2. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) – this is the part of the plant that makes you feel high if smoked but also has health benefits if taken internally and can regulate mood, sleep, memory and appetite. This is completely illegal or legal for medical purposes only in some places.
  3. BCP (Beta-CaryoPhyllene) – this is becoming known as the dietary cannabinoid. It’s the cannabinoid found in Copaiba and affects the same cannabinoid receptors. It has extraordinary anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and promotes healthy cellular function.
So what are Cannabinoid receptors?

These super-important receptors are found all over the body – brain, organs, tissues, glands and immune cells, and is actually referred to as the Endocannabinoid system.

The Endocannabinoid system is made up of 2 types of receptors:

– CB1 are the ones THC interacts with, that causes the psychoactive effects.

– CB2 doesn’t get you high when stimulated. These are what the CBD & BCP cannabinoids stimulate. They reduce inflammation and pain, among other things. They are actually the receptors relied upon when you take over the counter painkillers, but science is finding that there is much more to these receptors!

Why use Copaiba over CBD oil?

There is a lot of controversy these days about medical marijuana, CBD oil and products containing THC, mainly due to the psychoactive effects of THC and the legal issues.

So now we have an alternative – Therapeutic-grade pure essential Copaiba oil :

– is much more affordable – around $35 for a 5 ml bottle (a 50 day supply at 2 drops per day)

– has zero risk of containing THC (CBD oil contains varying amounts), is 100% legal and easy to obtain.

– has zero risk of affecting a drug test since it’s not from the cannabis plant.

– doesn’t have the regulatory problems CBD & THC have.

– can be even more potent with 60% BCP in copaiba oil compared to the varying potency of active cannabinoids in CBD & THC oils.

How can I use it?

In order to obtain the systemic benefits, take 1-2 drops of therapeutic pure essential Copaiba oil  in water, or in a green smoothie

You can also take a drop under the tongue before bed for anti-anxiety, calming effects.


This knowledge has become essential because chronic illnesses and other severe health challenges are becoming more and more prevalent.

There are MANY reasons for this, but one of the big ones is that we are being poisoned. We live in a world that is being bombarded by toxic chemicals, many which have cancerous and tissue-damaging effects.

Many of the serious conditions listed above are on the rise, as a result of slow (food, water, air, cleaning products, pharmaceuticals etc) and/or fast (vaccinations) poisoning.

So please, pass this info on to your friends and family!

I am super excited about supporting my families health with cannabinoids by taking a drop or 2 of Copaiba oil every day 😀

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