How, to Keep Your Baby Warm on Winter Nights, Naturally

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I wanted to prepare early for winter, living in the Australian bush where we regularly get zero degree pre-dawns through winter, and knowing we have an infant who loves to kick the blankets off.

So my mission was to find the best natural fabric onesies and sleep sacks which also kept his arms warm when the blankets go flying, without submitting to the sea of polyester.

Comfort in the cot is important, without layers of sheets or blankets which can also be a potential hazard.

We always try to go for the pure cotton or bamboo/cotton fabrics, for sleepwear especially, since babies are so sensitive to synthetics, which also dont allow their skin to breathe, and can cause over-heating. Some babies won’t settle in synthetic polyester, and it can also cause skin irritations.

See my blog  How I got my Baby Napping and Sleeping Right Through the Night for more on your babies sleep.

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Zyah was born towards the end of winter last year, so of course, we swaddled him, mittened & capped him at night.

We bought one of these Miracle Blanket Swaddles which was nice and can be used right up until your baby can roll.

Baby miracle swaddle

We also had a Halo SleepSack Swaddle which I loved, as they’re very adjustable to how your baby likes to sleep, and can transition into both arms out when baby starts rolling.

We had one of each and found this plenty for around the first 3 months (using basic cloth swaddles as well).

Swaddling is super important and will really help with babies sleep as they’ll feel more secure and won’t wake themselves with their jerking arm movements. You can, of course, use a simple swaddling cloth like this.

How to do a basic swaddle wrap
Sleeping Bags

From the start of this winter we used the Ergopouch Sleep Suit Bags, and they’ve been FANTASTIC!

These are a safe way of keeping baby warm without blankets, made with completely natural fibres, and are soft and breathable.

We have a 2.5 Tog  (thickness) and a 3.5 tog  for when I know it will reach 5 degrees or less. They come with a dressing guide for room temperature which was helpful initially.

We find that a singlet, winter onesie & the Ergopouch Sleeping Bag, with it’s foldover mitten cuffs, perfect for most winter nights. On super cold nights we use an oil heater to take the chill off the room.

Here is Zyah in his 3.5.tog Ergopouch sleeping bag

We love the dual zip, enabling conversion from a sleeping bag to a sleepsuit. This has been handy when we’re out on cold nights and needing to put a sleepy baby into a car-seat, then home & straight into bed without disturbing him too much.

2.5 tog Ergopouch Sleepsuit bag
3.5 tog Ergopouch Sleepsuit bag

We bought a size up so they’ll last us two winters, and have found that them being a little large for him isn’t an issue at all. The soft stretchy sleeves still fit him snuggly.

When I go into his nursery in those cold early mornings, he is ALWAYS warm and comfortable, and no tangled blankets.

We also have a couple of sleeping bags without sleeves for warmer nights.

The Woolino 4 Season Baby Sleep Bag is 100% merino wool which regulates body temperature so no chance of overheating or chilling. I love the two-way zipper that unzips from top and bottom for easy dressing and quick diaper changes.


During winter in most parts of the world, babies will, of course, need a good basic sleepsuit under their sleeping bag.

Zyah in his 100% organic cotton sleepsuit

Here are a couple of good ones:

Burt’s Bees Baby Baby Organic Zip Front Sleeper – 100% organic cotton, gorgeous range of patterns & colors, full front zipper and a great price.

And if you don’t mind snaps, these L’ovedbaby Unisex-Baby Organic Cotton sleepers are really gorgeous, also 100% organic cotton, fold-over sleeves and a beautiful range of colors.

I hope this has been helpful Mumma’s  🙂

Sweet snuggly dreams little ones xo

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