Divine Chocolate Mousse


2 large avocados, pitted, flesh scooped out

½ cup maple syrup

4 ounces vegan dark chocolate, or 1/2 cup raw cocoa/cacao powder for raw 3 T coconut oil, liquid form

3 T coconut oil, liquid form. Click here to read more about and learn some other awesome used for Coconut Oil

1/2 t balsamic (don’t sub any other vinegar here! And I highly encourage you to use a good balsamic here. This sounds weird, but trust me, it’s the secret to the amazing rich flavor!)

1/2 t. nama shoyu (raw) or tamari (gluten-free)

small pinch salt

optional 1/2 cup Aquafaba which will make your mousse light and fluffy. This is the liquid from a can of chick peas!

optional extra chopped dark chocolate, sprig of mint, crushed raspberries,  for garnish

  • Blend until smooth