Who is SoulSeeds?

We are an online resource blog, not just for parents, but for all people who care. You’ll find practical resources to make conscious and clean living, eating real food, and parenting easier, more wholesome, loving and enjoyable.

For those who care about our world, and our children.

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Written by a Naturopath, Herbalist, Aromatherapist & Truth-Seeker, who is now a stay-home Mum.

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I’m Sam Sundara. I started my personal SoulSeeds journey when I began studying to be a naturopath 20 years ago, and learned to empower myself and others with information and truth – like a shining beacon when you find it – amongst the myriad of misinformation out there.

I made it my mission to support my clients by finding good, reliable and accurate information, supporting them to make informed health decisions for themselves and their families. Today my main focus is parenting my 8 month old son, with the same passion to keep finding truth, and helping others with information which has helped me in huge ways within my own life.

To truly make positive changes within our own lives, and in the world, we need to connect and share truth.
So join this community of like-minded mums, dads and all ‘carers’ of the world.
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