10 Top Tips For Optimal Nutrition

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Everything we eat and drink either strengthens or weakens our health & vitality. Our food is the fundamental building block of our health.

‘If diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. If diet is good, medicine is of no need’  (Ayurvedic Proverb)


  1. Listen to your body!

A fundamental piece of wisdom many of us forget is that our body knows exactly what it needs.

Our internal biochemical computers are constantly busy adjusting & maintaining the body’s equilibrium & sending out signals of what is required which the brain can interpret as a potato bake, a ginger tea, maybe a handful of grapes & a stick of celery.

The cleaner & healthier our bodies are, the stronger these signals become.

  1. Eat a wide variety of foods, avoiding having one particular food EVERY day even if it’s healthy.

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  1. Quality is Everything!

If we feed our body’s dead, processed food, guess what? …. that’s probably how you’ll feel! Eat whole grains, fresh fruit & vegetables, choose organically or bio-dynamically grown food where possible.

A good golden rule is: if it’s been refined, processed or mucked around with somehow, you can do without it!

Choose whole foods & you won’t tip the biochemical scales out of balance. Food, as it exists in nature, comes in a package that is completely biochemically balanced.

This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on tasty delicious, satisfying food, in fact, once you have the hang of cooking wholesome food it’s FAR more satisfying and delicious!


  1. Avoid the consumption of sugar & refined carbohydrates.

In addition to throwing off the body’s homeostasis, regularly eating sugar results in a number of other significant consequences:

– suppresses the immune system

– upsets mineral balance in the body & can lead to chromium & other nutritional deficiencies

–  can cause irritability, anxiety, hyperactivity & crankiness in children, difficulty concentrating.

– Sugar can produce a significant rise in triglycerides & cholesterol, & reduce the ‘good cholesterol’.

– Causes a loss of tissue elasticity & function & cause premature aging

– Causes excess acidity in the body.

To name a few  😕 

In fact, Nancy Appleton, Ph.D. in her book ‘Lick the Sugar Habit’ outlines 124 ways sugar can ruin your health. Ouch!

There are so many ways to substitute sugar for a healthy alternative and still get that sweet satisfaction.

Click here for 10 delicious desserts which are totally sugar-free, as an example.

And when you are using natural sweet foods you don’t get that yucky artificial aftertaste, like you do with refined or artificial sugar.

Replace sugary foods & desserts with fresh fruit and try date syrup as a sweetener. You can look up raw vegan or paleo desserts for some delicious sugar-free options.

For more on sugar.

  1. Reduce saturated fats such as margarine (substitute with coconut oil) fried foods & animal fat, as these contain yukky trans-fats  😡

Include foods high in essential fatty acids like Chia seeds, fish, nuts, seeds & avocados.


  1. Reduce acid-forming foods like white flour/bread (go for whole grain, sugar-free breads, and gluten free is less acid-forming and inflammatory), bottled orange juice (fresh is ok), coffee, olives, alcohol, dairy, meat, pasta/noodles, cereals, white rice, and anything processed or with sugar added.


  1. Start the day with a cup of herb tea or just a squeeze of lemon juice in hot water as a cleansing tonic.

Try substituting coffee for chai, green tea or herbs such as rosehips (circulation), dandelion (liver), peppermint(digestive tonic).

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional cup of real coffee (rather than instant which is a chemical cocktail!) if you enjoy it & are not using it as a crutch!

  1. Fiber & roughage (in whole fruit, vegetables & grains) are important for bowel health.

A spoonful of freshly ground linseeds in the morning muesli bowl is a super bowel food.

We grind our own linseeds fresh every few days (buying packet LSA is a waste of money -except for the fibre – since the good oils have long gone rancid 😕  ) and have a few good spoons over breakfast. This provides a fantastic source of soluble fiber and healing Omega 3’s.

Better still try our Ultimate Healing Green Smoothie, packed with the best soluble fibre and other healing ingredients, and also tastes great!

Also, molasses, licorice root tea, slippery elm & plenty of brown rice are fantastic for bowel health.


  1. Eat meals in a relaxed atmosphere & chew food well so that assimilation can take place.

Try not to eat in a hurry. When under stress it is better to eat light meals more often rather than heavy meals quickly.

A light evening meal is best, at least 2-3 hours before bedtime, if possible.


  1. Substitute table salt with a good quality sea salt (a more balanced source of minerals).

We use Himalayan pink salt in our cooking, plus in filtered drinking water. This provides all the minerals your body needs and makes your water easy to assimilate.


So what else can I eat?

The best approach is maximum nutritional density & less empty calories. This is why Superfoods like gogi-berries, chia seeds, raw cacao, acai and maca powder….. are SO good. They are often high in anti-oxidants too, which help fight disease.

Have fun & be creative when you prepare your food, make time for creating good food no matter how busy you are.

It’s worth it! Think of it as probably the most important investment into your families health and well-being.

There are abundant sources of inspiration and recipes online. You can find easy, simple and wholesome recipes.


Most importantly preparing, serving & eating your food WITH LOVE makes a profound difference to the energetic quality of your food.

It’s been observed that ‘naughty’ foods eaten while thinking positive thoughts such as the enjoyment of the food, nurturing yourself and your family, is FAR better for us than eating ‘good’ food whilst thinking negative thoughts or whilst stressed.

So love your food, and be sure that your food loves you back!

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