10 Powerful Magic Tricks every New Mum needs to know

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These are tricks EVERY new mum needs in their toolkit. Learn how to get your baby to sleep, instantly calm them, NEVER get blowouts or nappy rash, understand your baby and MORE.

Have you ever wished your baby came with an instruction manual or that you were handed down the Holy Grail of knowledge when it comes to navigating the challenges of being a new mum?

Well, this may not be quite that, but maybe the next best thing? 🙂

Here are 10 magic tricks you will be grateful to have up your sleeve anyway!


  1. 4 hypnotic tricks to get your baby to sleep

These tricks are great! We use the eye fatigue one by putting our baby’s cot mobile on silent if he’s resisting sleep. Looking up at it puts him to sleep if it’s positioned right.

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2. Put your baby to sleep in less than a minute

I have to say this trick didn’t work for our baby, but we didn’t try it until after we were no longer swaddling him. I think it works better for babies who’re younger and fully swaddled, otherwise, they might just want to swat at it!


3. You may want to try this one too, it works well for some babies. Our baby really enjoys this baby sleep technique – it relaxes him, although it has never tipped him right into the land of nod (we have a very active and alert baby!)


4. Here’s a pediatricians secret trick to calm a baby in seconds. This one’s really worth knowing.


5. The Onesie trick which works especially well after a blowout! I can’t believe I didn’t know this until recently!

ON a side note, we have tried a few different brands and styles of nappies, and truly, these are FAR superior. We had regular blowouts with other nappies, but NEVER with these! If you pull the frilly bits out – no blowouts EVER! And they’re the softest nappies I’ve found too. They also have a subscription program which means you don’t ever have to worry about running out 🙂


6. Zyah has never had nappy rash and I think using unrefined coconut oil as a preventative has really helped but I swear it has a LOT to do with the wipes we use too.

Every other brand of wipes we’ve found has chemicals in them of some kind, even the so-called ‘natural’ ones – except these. They contain pure water plus a drop of grapeseed extract only. Chemicals on sensitive bottoms can really irritate!

You can get these from supermarkets but they’re really expensive – the most expensive brand, even though they contain pretty much just water! So here are some links to buy packs of 4 WAY cheaper.

If you are in the US go here

If you are in Australia here

7. I couldn’t find any suitable baby safety latches in our small town so out of desperation I rigged up this little trick and it works really well! The safety products can be quite pricey so I was really pleased with this discovery!

Take 2 little S-hooks (I bought a 4 pack for $2!) and a strong elastic band to suit the width, and presto!


8. The 5 S’s baby calming technique  This is mostly common sense but the magic is in combining the steps in the method.

See it demonstrated here


9. It can be a surprise to find that breastfeeding is quite physically demanding on your body, especially shoulders and back. So comfort is the key I found. The trick is that when you can completely relax, baby relaxes and everything works better!

I tried a few different support pillows and, sorry to be totally corny, but I really have found that this pillow is My Brest friend while breastfeeding. The back strap means you’re totally supported, you can even walk around while breastfeeding and barely have to hold baby up!!

Another little trick is to take coconut oil to not only increase your milk supply but to make your milk richer in all those good fats baby needs for nervous system development.

A tablespoon a day of unrefined organic coconut oil will do wonders for both you and baby. (See here for more great uses for coconut oil)

Also – burp baby frequently! It is a complete myth that breast fed babies don’t need burping as much, they still get gas. For natural ways to ease babies gas go here.


10. One last trick (that’s a little bit magic) is the Dunston baby language method.

Many parents become familiar with their babies different cries over time but this’ll give you a head start and take out some of the early guesswork and uncertainty. Your baby will feel SO much more secure if he or she knows that you’re hearing them and responding to their specific needs.

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Do you feel like a super mum now?

Ready for anything!  😀

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